Business Model Canvas Development Strategy For Boon Pring- Andeman Tourism Object, In Malang District

  • Nofita Sari Tour and Travel Business Study Program Ganesha Hotel & Tourism Academy - Malang
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Keywords: Business model canva, Boon Pring, Tourism, SWOT


At the moment the development of tourism is very fast. The tourism sector is now a new favorite, one of which is the visit of Boon Pring Andeman, Malang District. Boon Pring is one of the tourist attractions in Malang Regency which is currently favored by local tourists. Therefore, it is necessary to properly develop and plan using the business model canvas and also with SWOT. The results of the study show that of the nine elements that need to be added, such as the promotion team, provide discounts, add customers to new segments, partners, and also increase revenue from souvenirs, advertising.