The Product Quality, Impacts, and Implication of Solo Batik Carnival Event on Solo City’s Spatial Guidelines

  • Atika Candra Yulia Department of Architecture, Tunas Pembangunan University, Surakarta, Indonesia
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Keywords: carnaval, event quality, impact, city’s space


Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) is an annual carnival event which have vision to develop creative industry base on batik and reusable products to increase the value as artistic artwork masterpieces, held in Solo by Surakarta Tourism Office as the vice of regional goverment collaborate with Yayasan Solo Batik Carnival. The main purpose of this event are to introduce batik as a legacy of Java culture, and make Solo as one of tourist destination esspecially in fashion interest with the aims in educational development, art, culture, and economic increasing. Therefore, this study is so important and necessary to figure out about: (a) dependability of event quality and spatial in city’s space study, and (b) correlation between impact to the community and the city’s ability to coverage activities during event.

This research used sequential mixed methods theory with exploratory sequential strategy. Explorative method used for exploration on field and made a qualitative analysis to find the facts, and compare it with quantitative data from local and tourists respondents with two audiences: zone, tribune and runway. It takes event quality, economic, social and culture impact, and also open public space elements as indicators of research.

Thereby the results of this research: first, SBC has a potential ability as an attraction. Second, SBC has a value to increase and develop community economic conditions and also put the city on the national tourism position with creating image identity. And third, event quality and the event’s impacts have certainly been references to design guide-lines of the city’s space surrounding the event’s area.