Penataan Infrastruktur Saluran dan Taman Di Jalan Kahuripan Utama Kelurahan Sumber

  • Tri Hartanto Universitas Tunas Pembangunan Surakarta
  • A. Bamban Yuuono Universitas Tunas Pembangunan Surakarta
  • Eny Krisnawati Universitas Tunas Pembangunan Surakarta
  • Danarti Karsono Universitas Tunas Pembangunan Surakarta
  • Ismadi Universitas Tunas Pembangunan Surakarta


Kahuripan Utama street, which is a proven road in Kahuripan Village RW.04, Sumber Village, Banjarsari District, there is a problem with clogged air ducts. When it rains heavily due to the condition of the channel which causes blockage in the area. After being identified by community leaders together with the service team of the UTP Surakarta Faculty of Engineering, the problems that arise due to its damage as a channel and the large number of sediment wallet deposits. Based on the results of the field survey, then deliberation with community leaders of the service team presented an alternative solution, by replacing it with the U-ditch channel. In addition to being strong, easy to work with, it is also easy to maintain. Then above the U-ditch will be used for the garden, with shrubs for the beauty of the environment. The drainage channel is planned to reach the river, with the construction of U-ditch 500x500 along 81.75 m, Box Culvert 500x500x1000mm along 6 m and U-ditch 500x600 along 73.4 m.

Keywords: arrangement, channel, park, Kahuripan Utama street, Surakarta.