Implementation of Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management (SCM) in Manufacturing Companies

  • Suwandi Suwandi Universitas Catur Insan Cendekia
  • Marsani Asfi Universitas Catur Insan Cendekia
  • Wiwiek Nurkomala Dewi Universitas Catur Insan Cendekia
  • Lena Magdalena Universitas Catur Insan Cendekia
Keywords: Implementation, SCM, Manufacturing, Blockchain


Supply chain management, which has been known since the 2000s, is a centralized supply chain management system. In practice, this system has several weaknesses, such as the problem of trust abuse of authority, the system cannot present up-to-date data and takes a long time to process data and so on. Blockchain technology comes by applying the concept of decentralization and distribution in digital transaction record keeping, so that all activities can be accessed by members in a gated network. This study aims to design the implementation of blockchain supply chain management technology in manufacturing companies. The author uses the Waterfall research method and literature study. The choice of the waterfall method is because this method carries out the software development process systematically and sequentially. This research produces a design for implementing supply chain management that can maintain data security in manufacturing companies

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Suwandi, S., Asfi, M., Nurkomala Dewi, W., & Magdalena, L. (2024). Implementation of Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management (SCM) in Manufacturing Companies. Journal of Smart System, 3(2), 26-32.