Persistence of Spatial Layout Concept as the Basis for Conservation of the Baluwarti Settlement of Surakarta

  • Tri Hartanto Department of Architecture, Tunas Pembangunan University, Surakarta, Indonesia
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Keywords: Baluwarti, Concept, Manunggaling Kawula lan Gusti, Preservation, Settlement


This research was conducted in the Baluwarti settlement of Surakarta. This settlement was once the royal city of the Surakarta Hadiningrat palace, which was founded in 1745. The Surakarta Hadingrat Palace was built in 1742 by Paku Buwana II. In 1748 Paku Buwana II died, and was replaced by Paku Buwana III. During his reign, Paku Buwana III began to build a settlement area for soldiers, sentana dalem, and abdi dalem which is currently known as the Baluwarti settlement. One of the objectives of this research is to explore the concept of settlement spatial layout. By using historical studies research methods, it is known that the concept of settlement spatial layout is manunggaling kawula lan gusti. Then the exploration of the concept of spatial layout  continued until today (Paku Buwana XIII era). Based on the elements of spatial layout that are still and are still being maintained, it can be concluded that the spatial concept from the time of Paku Buwana III to Paku Buwana XIII is still being maintained. The Baluwarti settlement is a cultural heritage area of ??Solo City, and at the same time is a legacy of historical value, according to the Decree of the Mayor of Surakarta Number 646/116/i/1997 concerning the Determination of Ancient Historic Buildings and Areas in the Municipality of Surakarta.  In this effort to conserve settlement  areas, it also faces the same problems as in other places, including the absence of a clear concept in preservation so that the local community has not carried out conservation of the area properly. So that from the results of previous research, namely the concept of spatial layout which was maintained from the beginning until now (manunggaling kawula lan Gusti), will become the basic concept in preserving the settlement area of ??Baluwarti Surakarta.