Promoting Sustainable Urban Farming Through Plant Clinic Consultations on Car Free Days

  • Norbertus Citra Irawan Tunas Pembangunan University, Surakarta, Indonesia
  • Haryuni Haryuni Universitas Tunas Pembangunan Surakarta
  • Tyas Soemarah Kusuma Dewi Universitas Tunas Pembangunan Surakarta
  • Sapto Priyadi Universitas Tunas Pembangunan Surakarta
  • Suswadi Suswadi Universitas Tunas Pembangunan Surakarta
Keywords: Environmental Innovation, Plant Clinic, Social Change, Sustainability, Urban Farming


In the face of rapid urban growth, this community service activity addresses the problem of decreasing green open land and the lack of awareness of sustainable agriculture. Activities carried out during the car-free day on Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Surakarta, involved a plant clinic, demonstrations of sustainable maintenance and distribution of seeds. The aim is to increase the understanding of urban communities about the importance of sustainable agriculture and provide practical guidance. Through direct interaction with experts and hands-on practice, these activities increase people's understanding and confidence in caring for plants. The distribution of seedlings also stimulates interest in gardening and an increase in greenery. The results of this dedication encourage active participation in urban farming, providing benefits to the environment and the community's quality of life. This activity confirmed that direct approaches with communities, through clinics, demonstrations, and active participation, effectively address urban environmental challenges and raise awareness of sustainable agriculture.


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