Appeals and Complaints

The International Journal of Agribusiness, Agroindustry, Agrotourism, and Permaculture (IJA3P) ensures a transparent and fair publication process. As part of this commitment, the journal provides a structured mechanism for authors, reviewers, and readers to raise appeals and complaints on various aspects of the publishing process.

Submitting Appeals and Complaints
IJA3P acknowledges that discrepancies or concerns may arise during the peer review, editorial, or publication stages. Authors, reviewers, or readers who wish to appeal or lodge a complaint are encouraged to do so promptly and professionally.

Appeals Process
Authors who disagree with editorial decisions, including manuscript rejections, can submit a formal appeal. Appeals should include a clear and concise rationale and any additional supporting information to shed light on the matter. Appeals will be reviewed by the editorial board, which will conduct a comprehensive assessment and provide a final decision.

Complaints Process
Reviewers and readers who encounter misconduct, ethical concerns, or perceived inaccuracies in published content are encouraged to communicate their complaints to the editorial board. Complaints should be substantiated with relevant evidence to facilitate a thorough investigation.

Editorial Review of Appeals and Complaints
The editorial board will diligently review submitted appeals and complaints. The goal is to address the concerns fairly and unbiasedly, ensuring that the journal's standards and ethical guidelines are upheld.

Response and Resolution
IJA3P is committed to timely responses and resolutions to appeals and complaints. Authors, reviewers, or readers raising concerns will receive acknowledgement of their communication and be informed of the progress and outcome of the review process.

Confidentiality and Transparency
All appeals and complaints will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. The identities of those submitting appeals or complaints will be protected to the extent possible while ensuring a transparent review and resolution process.

Continuous Improvement
IJA3P views appeals and complaints as opportunities for improvement. Feedback from appeals and complaints helps enhance the journal's practices, ensuring its commitment to scholarly integrity and quality publication.

By fostering an open communication and accountability environment through the Appeals and Complaints Policies, The IJA3P seeks to maintain its reputation as a credible platform for scholarly discourse while continually striving for excellence and fairness in all aspects of the publication process.