Publication Process

The publication process of The International Journal of Agribusiness, Agroindustry, Agrotourism, and Permaculture (IJA3P) is designed to ensure the quality, transparency, and integrity of the research articles that are accepted for publication. Authors can expect a systematic and rigorous process that upholds the standards of scholarly publishing.

1. Manuscript Submission
Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts through the journal's online submission system. The submission should adhere to the journal's guidelines for formatting, structure, and content.

2. Initial Review and Screening
Upon submission, manuscripts undergo an initial review to ensure they meet the journal's scope and guidelines. This stage involves a preliminary assessment of the relevance, quality, and ethical considerations of the manuscript.

3. Peer Review
Manuscripts that pass the initial review are subject to a rigorous peer-review process. Expert reviewers assess the quality, originality, methodology, and significance of the research. The double-blind review ensures impartial evaluation, where the identities of authors and reviewers are concealed.

4. Reviewer Feedback and Revision
Authors receive feedback from reviewers, which may include recommendations for revisions. Authors are expected to address reviewers' comments and revise their manuscripts accordingly.

5. Editorial Decision
Based on the reviewers' feedback and revised manuscripts, the editorial board makes a decision regarding acceptance, minor revisions, major revisions, or rejection. Authors are informed of the decision and, if applicable, guided on further revisions.

6. Final Manuscript Preparation
Accepted manuscripts undergo final formatting and copyediting to align with the journal's style and standards. Authors are required to submit their final version, along with supplementary materials such as figures, tables, and supplementary files.

7. Proofreading and Approval
Authors receive the proof of their article for final review. It is essential to meticulously proofread the proof and provide corrections, if necessary. This is the last opportunity to make changes before publication.

8. Online Publication
Upon approval, the accepted articles are published online on the journal's website. The articles receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), enabling easy citation and referencing.

9. Post-Publication Visibility
Published articles are indexed in relevant databases and repositories, ensuring widespread visibility and accessibility. Authors' contributions become part of the global scholarly discourse.

10. Archival and Preservation
IJA3P ensures the long-term preservation of published content by collaborating with digital libraries and repositories, ensuring the accessibility of research for future generations.

By adhering to this transparent and robust publication process, The IJA3P maintains its commitment to providing a credible platform for the dissemination of scholarly research in the field of agriculture and related disciplines.