About the Journal

The AESE Journal of "Agricultural Economics, Social, and Environment", distinguishes itself as a reputable scientific publication that serves as a dedicated platform for the comprehensive exploration of the field of agriculture. The journal is published four times a year and emphasizes the interconnected aspects of agricultural economics, social dynamics, and environmental sustainability. By focusing on these three critical dimensions, the AESE Journal seeks to overcome various challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sector.

In its commitment to fostering knowledge exchange, the journal accommodates various contributions, including original research articles, review papers, and short communications. These submissions collectively contribute to the discourse of sustainable agricultural practices. The AESE Journal is a repository of empirical findings and a forum for exchanging insights and opinions between researchers, academics, and practitioners. This journal encourages a holistic understanding of the agricultural industry by providing a space for interdisciplinary discussion that bridges the gap between economic considerations, social dynamics, and environmental impacts.

As evidence of its inclusive approach, the journal invites academics, practitioners, and professionals to submit articles that align with its mission and scope. The editorial team values contributions demonstrating recent advances in agricultural practice and policy, addressing pressing issues in the broader economic, social, and environmental landscape. Through the dissemination of scientific articles, AESE Journal actively contributes to the ongoing dialogue regarding sustainable agriculture, offering a valuable resource for stakeholders invested in the future of agriculture.

In conclusion, The AESE Journal is a cornerstone in agricultural research, promoting a holistic understanding of industry dynamics. Its commitment to providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives underscores its importance as a catalyst for progress in agricultural economics, social practices, and environmental sustainability. As it evolves, the journal remains an essential resource for those who wish to contribute to the discourse around the complex interconnections between agriculture, the economy, society, and the environment.