Appeals and Complaints

Appeals and Complaints Procedure for The Agricultural Economics, Social, and Environment Journal (AESE Journal):

1. Grounds for Appeal:

Authors, reviewers, or other stakeholders may submit an appeal if they believe that a decision made by the editorial team is based on a misunderstanding, oversight, or if there are substantial grounds for reconsideration.

2. Submission of Appeals:

Appeals must be submitted in writing to the editorial office of AESE within a reasonable timeframe from the date of the decision. The appeal should include a clear and detailed explanation of the grounds for the appeal.

3. Handling of Appeals:

The editorial team will review the appeal promptly and impartially. Appeals will be handled by individuals not involved in the original decision-making process to ensure objectivity.

4. Decision on Appeals:

The editorial team will communicate the decision on the appeal to the appellant in a timely manner. The decision reached after the appeal process is final and will be conveyed with transparency and clarity.

5. Complaints Procedure:

Individuals wishing to file a complaint regarding the editorial process, ethical concerns, or any other matter related to AESE are encouraged to submit their complaint in writing to the editorial office.

6. Investigation of Complaints:

The editorial team will conduct a thorough investigation into the substance of the complaint. All complaints will be treated confidentially, and efforts will be made to address them promptly and fairly.

7. Communication of Findings:

The findings of the investigation will be communicated to the complainant. If necessary, appropriate actions will be taken to address the concerns raised in the complaint.

8. Escalation:

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the resolution provided by AESE, they may escalate the matter to an independent ombudsman or relevant external body, if applicable.

9. Continuous Improvement:

AESE is committed to continuous improvement in its processes. Insights gained from appeals and complaints will be used to enhance the journal's editorial procedures and ethical standards.

10. Transparency:

Throughout the appeals and complaints process, AESE is dedicated to maintaining transparency and ensuring that all parties involved are treated with fairness and respect.

AESE recognizes the importance of providing a robust and fair mechanism for appeals and complaints. This procedure is designed to uphold the integrity of the journal and address concerns promptly and impartially. Authors, reviewers, and other stakeholders are encouraged to engage with the process to contribute to the ongoing improvement of AESE's editorial practices.