Allegations of Misconduct

Allegations of Misconduct Policy for The Agricultural Economics, Social, and Environment Journal (AESE Journal):

1. Reporting Misconduct:

AESE is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in scholarly publishing. Individuals who become aware of any allegations of misconduct related to submitted manuscripts, the peer review process, or any other aspect of the journal are encouraged to report such concerns promptly.

2. Submission of Allegations:

Allegations of misconduct should be submitted in writing to the editorial office of AESE. Submissions should include detailed information outlining the nature of the alleged misconduct and any supporting evidence.

3. Confidentiality:

All allegations of misconduct will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Information related to the investigation will be disclosed only to those involved in the review process and relevant decision-makers.

4. Preliminary Assessment:

The editorial team will conduct a preliminary assessment of the allegations to determine if they warrant a formal investigation. The decision to proceed with an investigation will be based on the credibility and substance of the allegations.

5. Notification of Involved Parties:

If the allegations are deemed credible and warrant further investigation, all parties involved, including authors, reviewers, and editors, will be informed of the allegations and the commencement of the investigation.

6. Impartial Investigation:

The editorial team will appoint an impartial investigative body, which may include individuals not directly affiliated with AESE, to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations. The investigative body will assess the evidence and interview relevant parties.

7. Findings and Actions:

The findings of the investigation will be communicated to all parties involved. If misconduct is substantiated, appropriate actions will be taken, which may include rejection of the manuscript, withdrawal of the published paper, and notification of relevant institutions.

8. Appeal Process:

Parties dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation may appeal the decision. The appeals process will be handled in accordance with AESE's Appeals and Complaints Procedure.

9. Notification of External Bodies:

If the misconduct involves a breach of ethical standards that may require reporting to external bodies, such as funding agencies or institutions, AESE will fulfill its obligation to make such notifications.

10. Continuous Improvement:

Insights gained from investigations into allegations of misconduct will be used to improve AESE's editorial processes and reinforce its commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards.

AESE acknowledges the importance of addressing allegations of misconduct promptly and impartially. This policy is designed to uphold the integrity of the journal and ensure that all parties involved are treated with fairness, transparency, and adherence to ethical standards.