Publication Process

Publication Process for The Agricultural Economics, Social, and Environment Journal (AESE Journal):

1. Submission

Authors initiate the publication process by submitting their manuscripts through the online submission system. Submissions should adhere to the journal's guidelines and ethical standards.

2. Initial Screening

The editorial team conducts an initial screening to assess the manuscript's alignment with the journal's scope, originality, and adherence to formatting guidelines. Manuscripts not meeting these criteria may be returned to authors for revision or declined.

3. Peer Review

Manuscripts that pass the initial screening undergo a rigorous peer review process. Expert reviewers assess the quality, methodology, and significance of the research. Authors receive constructive feedback to enhance the manuscript's quality.

4. Decision and Revision

Based on peer review reports, the editorial team makes a decision on acceptance, revision, or rejection. Authors may be asked to revise their manuscripts to address reviewers' comments and concerns.

5. Manuscript Re-submission

Revised manuscripts are re-submitted by authors. The editorial team evaluates the revisions to ensure they adequately address reviewers' feedback.

6. Acceptance

Accepted manuscripts proceed to the production stage. Authors are notified of acceptance, and the manuscript undergoes final formatting and proofreading.

7. Production and Layout

The accepted manuscript is formatted according to the journal's style. Figures, tables, and supplementary materials are incorporated. The layout is finalized for publication.

8. Proofreading

Authors receive a proof of their manuscript for final review. This stage allows authors to identify any remaining errors or corrections before publication.

9. Online Publication

Once the final proof is approved, the manuscript is published online. It becomes accessible to the public, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge in the field. The articles receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), enabling easy citation and referencing.

10. Indexing and Archiving

The published content is indexed in relevant databases and archives. This enhances the visibility and accessibility of the research to a broader audience.

11. Continuous Improvement

AESE continually evaluates its publication process, seeking ways to enhance efficiency and maintain high-quality standards. Feedback from authors and stakeholders contributes to ongoing improvements.

12. Appeals and Complaints

The journal provides a mechanism for authors or stakeholders to appeal decisions or file complaints. The appeals and complaints process is outlined in AESE's dedicated policy.

13. Ethics Oversight

AESE maintains a commitment to upholding ethical standards. The journal monitors for ethical concerns throughout the publication process, and allegations of misconduct are investigated promptly and impartially.

The publication process at AESE is designed to ensure scholarly rigor, ethical conduct, and the dissemination of high-quality research in the fields of agricultural economics, social dynamics, and environmental sustainability. Authors, reviewers, and readers are integral to this process, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in these critical domains.